ICRS 2021



ICRS2021 Organizing and Scientific Committee

Prof. Marcelle Machluf, Technion–Israel Institute of Technology, ICRS President
Dr. Limor Baruch, Technion–Israel Institute of Technology, ICRS Coordinator
Prof. Avi Domb, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, President and editor-in-chief of PAT
Dr. Guy Mechrezת, Volcani Institute, ARO, PAT-2021 Chair
Dr. Maya Kleiman, Volcani Institute, ARO, PAT-2021 Co-Chair


Polymers for Advanced Technologies (PAT)

The Polymers for Advanced Technologies (PAT) Workshop is supported by The Batsheva de Rothschild Fund for the Advancement of Science in Israel, the Israel Academy of Science.


The Batsheva de Rothschild  Fund for the Advancement of Science in Israel.
The American Foundation for Basic Research in Israel.

Polymers are a significant component in daily life and there is almost no product that does not contain a polymer.
This field is evolving in the world and every day new polymers and uses are offered.
Polymers are a component in packaging and food products, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, cosmetics, nanotechnology, building materials and steel substitutes in the aircraft industry.
Theoretical and applied polymer research in universities, research institutes and industry around the world has increased exponentially.
The objective of this workshop is to get together experts from around the world and discuss current and next generation functional polymers, from theory to practice.

Controlled Release Society (CRS)

CRS is a multinational organization that is devoted to the advancement of the scientific and technological areas of controlled release.
Within this scope, the multi disciplinary Israeli Local Chapter is dedicated to the science and technology of controlled release, drug and gene delivery systems, including cell-based and cell derived, and innovative biomaterials and nanotechnologies in these fields as well as promoting education for a better future.

This year, after a long year of virtual meetings, we finally meet in person in a unique and special event, ICRS and PAT will be conjugated to form a single and multidisciplinary workshop with an exciting program which will combine cutting edge aspects form both Polymer Science and Controlled Release.
The ICRS-PAT workshop will present leading research in both fundamental and applied areas of Polymer Science and Controlled Release, presented by scientists from around the world. Add poster sessions, networking events, and an exhibit of international manufacturers, suppliers and developers, and this will be an event you just cannot afford to miss.