The Israeli Chapter of the Controlled Release Society (ICRS) was founded in 1996
with the mission to enhance the interactions between Academia and Industry in Israel.
This mission is achieved in the annual meetings of the society in which the members meet
and exchange ideas and in which collaborations are established.

The ICRS today incorporates more than 250 members from various fields of controlled release.
About a hundred members from the Israeli pharmaceutical industry, Seventeen researchers from Academia and more than a hundred students are currently members of the ICRS.
The Israeli Chapter is affiliated to the international Controlled Release Society (CRS)
and its members take part in the activities of the CRS.
The ICRS encourages its members to join the CRS and participate in its international activities.

Israel has dynamic, diverse and creative research in the field of drug delivery, nanomedicine and biomaterial sciences with several success stories on translational research. Activities in this field include basic research at the universities, start-up companies developing products based on innovative ideas, products in the pipeline of big International Pharmaceutical companies and pioneering drug delivery products, based on licensed Israeli know-how and intellectual property, in the pharmaceutical market. Hence, in Israel there is a very active group of scientists and entrepreneurs that focus on drug delivery and related fields.

I want to acknowledge our sponsors from industry and academia. Your support enables us to organize the meetings and to increase student participation in the meetings. We invite you to become a member of our society and to explore our website to learn more about the controlled release activities in Israel.
Prof. Marcelle Machluf, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology