Controlled Release in Israel

Ben-Gurion University Of the Negev



Rearch Interests:

  •  Protein/DNA/RNA Delivery Systems
  •  Targeted Delivery of Nano/microspheres
  •  Affinity-binding Hydrogels for Heparin-binding Proteins
  •  Instructive Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering and Regeneration

Products developed:

  •  AlgiMatrixTM, now a product of Invitrogen Inc.
  •  Cardiac implant (BL-1040), now is licensed to Ikaria Holdings via BioLineRx Jerusalem

Keywords: Affinity-binding hydrogels; biomaterials; controlled release; microspheres; nanospheres; proteins; siRNA/miRNA; scaffolds; targeting


Research Interests:

Novel polymeric nanomedicines for:

  • drug targeting into solid tumors
  • diagnostic applications in cancer therapy
  • gene delivery applications
  • antiviral therapy

Keywords: Targeted drug delivery systems, nanosized medicines, polymer conjugates, anticancer therapy, HPMA copolymer, multivalency, endothelial cells.


Research Interests:

  • Polymeric Drug Delivery Systems
  • Responsive Drug Delivery Systems
  • Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems
  • Ultrasound in Drug/gene and RNAi delivery Applications
  • Non-viral gene and RNAi therapies
  • Medical Devices
  • HIFU triggered delivery systems (liposomes, polymeric nano and microparticulates)

Products developed: SonoPrep (FDA approved device for local topical anesthetic)

Keywords: Transdremal, ultrasound, HIFU, gene therapy, RNAi delivery, non viral carriers, nano-medicine, nanoparticles, medical devices, polymers


Research Interests:

  • Delivery systems and their effects on the biopharmaceutical’s pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. PK-PD modeling.
  •  Intracellular targeting of biopharmaceuticals using nanotechnologies.
  • Fluorescent imaging and biochemical characterization of the MHC class I antigen loading and presentation pathways, anti-cancer vaccination.

Keywords: Targeted drug delivery systems, nano-drug delivery systems, intracellular delivery, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, PK-PD modeling, biopharmaceuticals, anti-cancer vaccination.

Hebrew University of Jerusalem


The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Medicine, The School of Pharmacy Institute for Drug Research
Tel: 972-(0)2-6762060

Research Interest:

  • Nasal drug delivery for systemic action
  • Carriers for enhanced nasal absorption of therapeutic agents
  • New dermal therapeutic compositions for treatment of: acne, deep skin infections, alopecia, herpes simplex, cellulite
  • New transdermal delivery systems for treatment of: hypogonadism, erectile dysfunction, pain, inflammation, depression, rheumatic arthritis
  • Improved delivery of testosterone from novel transdermal systems: testosome patch and gel
  • Systems for prevention and regeneration of burn injury
  • Design and development of a new sunscreen non-penetrating the skin
  • Specially tailored carriers for topical anti-cancer therapy
  • New sanitizer concept
  • New cosmetic compositions

 Keywords:  Nanotechnology, Dermal and Transdermal Delivery, Nasal Drug Delivery, Ethosomes, Nanocarriers, Permeation Enhancement, Anti-Burn Formulations, New CNS Therapies, Sunscreens, New Sanitizer, New Cosmetics

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Medicine, The School of Pharmacy Institute for Drug Research

Research Interests:

  • Mucosal targeting and local therapy of IBD and colorectal cancer.
  • Colon-specific drug delivery.
  • Overcoming biological barriers of poorly absorbed drugs.
  • New oral platforms for ferrying protein drugs.
  • Analysis of intestinal drug absorption.
  • Analysis of intestinal mucoadhesion.

Keywords: Oral drug delivery, colonic drug delivery, mucosal drug delivery, protein drugs, drug absorption, mucosal targeting, colon cancer, IBD, local treatment, biodegradable polymers

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Medicine, The School of Pharmacy Institute for Drug Research
TEL: 02 675-8668, FAX: 02 675-7140

Research Interests:
Improving Drug Performance using Nanodelivery Systems

The search to design efficient nanodelivery systems is leading to refined drug targeting and enhanced oral, topical or ocular bioavailability of poorly absorbed lipophilic drugs which will improve the treatment of severe diseases such as cancers, ophthalmological, metabolic and immunological disorders. We are focusing our efforts in the following areas:

  1. Enhanced oral delivery of P-gp substrate drugs or peptides using double-coated trojan nanocapsules
  2. Targeted delivery of chemotherapeutic drugs to specific cancerous cells using nanoparticles conjugated to monoclonal antibodies for decreased toxicity, enhanced drug-cell penetration and performance
  3. Delivery of macromolecules to intracellular sites of action
  4. Nanoemulsions and nanoparticles for drug delivery in opthalmology

Keywords: nanocapsules, nanoemulsions, nanoparticles, P-gp, cationic, lympha, docetaxel, lopinavir, bioavailability, oral, ocular, skin, nanotransporter, macromolecules, linkers, monoclonal antibody, controlled release

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Medicine, The School of Pharmacy Institute for Drug Research

Research interests:

  • Cancer theranostics using cathepsin targeted activity based probes
  • Novel methods for imaging caspase activity with chemotherapy treatment
  • Detection and treatment of atherosclerotic plaques
  • Investigating cathepsin involvement in cancer progression
  • Cathepsin targeted therapy

Keywords: Cancer, Atherosclerosis, Activity based probes, Imaging, Theranostics, Cathepsins, Caspases, Apoptosis and Targeted therapy.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Medicine, The School of Pharmacy Institute for Drug Research
Web site –

Phone: +972-2-6758658

Research Interests:

• Drug delivery and therapy in cardiovascular disorders.

• Controlled release implantable and injectable drug delivery systems.

• Dosage forms and formulations.

• Targeted nanoparticles (polymeric-based and liposomes) in cancer and cardiovascular disorders.

• Gene, antisense, siRNA and protein delivery and therapy.

• Modulation of the innate immunity in inflammatory disorders.

• Blood-brain barrier (BBB) delivery

KeyWords: Nanoparticles, Nanospheres, Liposomes, Matrices, Drug implants, Controlled / Sustained release, drug delivery systems, restenosis, MI, gene delivery & therapy, mammary carcinoma, blood-brain barrier, monocytes, macrophages, bisphosphonates, DSC/TG

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Medicine, The School of Pharmacy Institute for Drug Research


The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Medicine, The School of Pharmacy Institute for Drug Research


The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Medicine, The School of Pharmacy Institute for Drug Research


The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Medicine, The School of Pharmacy Institute for Drug Research


ORT Braude College


Research Interests:

  • Microencapsulation of active substances using complex coacervation
  • Biodegradable microspheres
  • Development of a new adjuvant for vaccination
  • Targeting to antigen presenting cells
  • Tissue engineering of skeletal muscle
  • Properties of electrospun hybrid scaffolds for tissue engineering
  • Effects of the mechanical environment on tissue formation
  • Enzymic degradation of polymers

Keywords: Biodegradable polymers, microencapsulation, microspheres, complex coacervation, vaccination, adjuvants, targeting, tissue engineering, skeletal muscle, mechanotransduction

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology



Research interests:

1. Identification of novel molecular biomarkers on tumor endothelial cells
2. Rational design of nano-scaled polymer therapeutics
3. Theranostics and molecular imaging
4. Overcoming drug-resistance using nanomedicines
5. Dual targeting of cancer cells and their microenvironment
6. the molecular basis of tumor dormancy 

Keywords: Angiogenesis, Cancer, Polymer therapeutics, Drug resistance, Tumor initiating cells, integrins, Non-invasive intravital imaging, theranostics, Tumor dormancy, siRNA and microRNA delivery,


 Research Interests:
– Membrane biophysics
– Carrier-mediated targeted drug delivery
– Modulation of multidrug resistance in cancer therapy

 Keywords: MDR transporters; MDR inhibition;  Chemosensitizers: liposomes; bioadhesive liposomes; hyaluronan-liposomes; gagomers (lipidated hyaluronan carriers); collagomers (lipidated collagen carriers); active carrier-mediated tumor targeting; fibrillar insulin formulations for oral administration


   Research Interests:    

  • Novel methods to target cancer stem cells
  • Manipulation of gene expression in vivo using RNAi nanoparticles.
  • Novel approach to target leukocytes in blood cancer, inflammation and viral infection.
  • Harnessing RNAi as novel tools for drug discovery and therapeutic interventions.
  • Developing targeted nanomedicines.

 Keywords: bio-nanomedicines, hyaluronan, mucosal delivery, IBD, blood cancers (AML, MCL, CLL) Viral infection (HIV, Ebola), colon cancer, siRNAs, miRNAs, drug discovery, liposomes, immune response, cytokine induction, lymphocyte activation.  


 Research Interests:  

  •  Antibiotic-eluting implants for various biomedical applications.
  • Process-structure-property effects in polymeric biomaterials.       
  • Active scaffolds for bone regeneration.
  •  Drug-eluting stent coatings.
  • Soy protein structures for tissue regeneration.
  •  Active bioadhesives for soft and hard tissues.  

Keywords: Polymeric biomaterials, bioresorbable polymers, controlled drug release, protein release, active implants, tissue engineering

Headings for the pictures

 CRYSTALS revised:
Drug crystals on the surface of a biodegradable film

 FIBER revised:
microspheres attached to a biodegradable fiber.

 Microsphere revised:
A multi-reservoir microsphere

 Microspheres revised:
Multi-reservoir microspheres

 Microstructure revised:
Highly porous scaffold for tissue regeneration applications.

Tel Aviv University


Biotechnology and Food Engineering , Technion, Haifa Israel
Personal website:

Research Interests:

  • Drug delivery systems for cancer and inflammatory disease
  • Tissue Engineering platforms based on ECM
  • Cell encapsulation therapy
  • non viral gene delivery systems based on nano particles and ultrasound waves

 Keywords: Drug Delivery, Tissue Engineering, Gene Therapy, Cell Encapsulation


Research Interests:

  •  Functional food ingredients and Nutraceuticals
  •  Development of delivery systems for bioactive ingredients
  •  Food nano-sciences and nanotechnology.
  •  Nanoscale colloidal properties of food materials
  •  Rational design of food ingredients
  •  Physico-chemical properties of tailored foods

Products developed:

  •  Non-covalent nano-complexes of bioactive agents with starch for oral delivery
  •  Probiotic compositions and methods of making same
  •  Oral Delivery of Proteins and Peptides

Keywords: Microencapsulation, Nanoencapsulation, Oral delivery, food nanoscience, food nanotechnology


Biotechnology and Food Engineering , Technion, Haifa, Israel
Personal website:   

Research Interests:

  • Physical chemistry of biopolymers
  • Targeted nanomedicine for overcoming drug resistance and for diagnostics (“Quadrugnostic nanoparticles”)
  • Oral drug delivery
  • Delivery of health promoting compounds (nutraceuticals) in foods and beverages


Biopolymers, Drug delivery, Nanotechnology, Nanoencapsulation, Nutraceuticals, Theranostics.